Auto Annotation features


I try to place annotation feature to exist features by VBA but only one feature in annotated.

This is my code:

    Dim oLocateOp As New locateOp
    Dim oFeatureEnum As FeatureEnumerator
    Dim oFeature As feature
    Dim oAnnotation As feature
    Dim oInputPoint As inputPoint
    Dim oInputValue As InputValue
    Dim oTextParams As TextParams
    Dim oPointOp As New PlacePointOp
    xft.CmdMgr.SetProperty "placementGroup", "placement"
    oLocateOp.IncludeOnlyFeatures = True
    oLocateOp.IncludeFeatureName ("BUDELEC_E_STREETLIGHTPOLE")
    oLocateOp.Mode = LocateOpMode.locateOpModeScan
    oLocateOp.AutoAcceptScanFile = True
    Set oFeatureEnum = oLocateOp.GetLocatedFeatures
    Do While oFeatureEnum.MoveNext
        Set oFeature = oFeatureEnum.Current
        oFeature.Group = "placement"
        Set oAnnotation = New feature = "BUDELEC_E_STREETLIGHTPOLETEXT1"
        oAnnotation.Alias = "BUDELEC_E_STREETLIGHTPOLETEXT1"
        oAnnotation.Group = "placement"
        oAnnotation.GeometryType = GEOMETRYTYPE_Text
        oFeature.Write False
        oFeature.AddSubFeature oAnnotation
        oAnnotation.InitializeProperties "placing"
        Set oInputPoint = New inputPoint
        oInputPoint.SetElementBasedType PointType_Origin, oFeature
        oInputPoint.UseOriginalElementLocation = True
        Set oInputValue = New InputValue
        oInputValue.SetTypeAndValue ValueType_VALUE, "2.0"
        oInputPoint.AddOffset pointOffsetType_Y, oInputValue
        Set oTextParams = New TextParams
        oTextParams.SetOrigin oInputPoint
        oAnnotation.SetTextParams oTextParams
        oPointOp.AddFeatureToGenerate oAnnotation

    xft.CmdMgr.StartPlacePointOperation oPointOp, New clsPlaceTextEvent

Private Sub IPlacementEvents_OnFinished()
    placementGroup = xft.CmdMgr.GetProperty("placementGroup")
    xft.FeatureMgr.WriteFeaturesByGroup placementGroup, False
    xft.FeatureMgr.SavePreferencePropertiesByGroup placementGroup, "placing"
End Sub

Before I accept command I see all annotations but when OnFinished() is called only one feature is annotated.

How to annotate all features?