Have problems with a MDL that can't load its DLL

I have encountered problem with an old Mdl / dll that have being running for years. 

We the MDL is loaded it fails and give this error messages in the Message Center

MDL Loader: Could not load application X34FEATDEF
MDL Loader: Unable to load library (DLL or MDL shared library) X34FeatDef
OS could not load C:\ProdSys\Bentley\BentleyMap\Workspace\standards\mdl\X34FeatDef.dll, error 127.

according to "Stack overflow" the error 127 means "The specified procedure could not be found."

So maybe there are some depending dlls that has been changed or missing

X34FeatDeff.ma is a program that defines features and attributes in Bentley Maps feature definition cache, so could it be that there have been a change in xfmdeatureDefInterator functions ??

On the other hand I have been running built 633 since late summer, could there have been exclude parts of the Xfm.API in that version ?


Erik Wirring



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