How to query feature with specific where clause?

Dear Sirs,

I know how to query features with given name with or without WHERE clause:
   CadInputQueue.SendCommand "gdi query all applywhere=true feature=DBO_Feature1",True
   CadInputQueue.SendCommand "gdi query all applywhere=false feature=DBO_Feature1",True

This works perfect but only for WHERE clause already created (i.e. MSLINK = 0777bcbd-8b35-4329-b058-827c344a45aa) manually for specific feature in Feature Parameters panel (Where Clause field) in Map Interoperatibily window.

How to create or change WHERE clause in VBA code and then call GDI QUERY for filtered feature objects?

Robert Krok


  • Robert,

    Your VBA program is sending GDI keyins which unfortunately do not provide the ability to specify the WHERE clause. There are however ways to use the GeoDataInterchange .NET API wrapped up as a COM server, exposing to VBA ways to specify WHERE clauses as well as many other capabilities not supported by the GDI keyins. If interested please let me know and we can discuss offline more about what would be involved.


    Jeff Bielefeld [Bentley]