VBA get full text for PropertyHandler ExceptionText


Situation : With ProjectWise, when i Post my file to Oracle with the connector and when i have constraint/trigger error.  Some new informations/elements was added to my DGN.  When i select the element in error with the "Information tool", i have a new PropertyHandler call "ExceptionText".  I copy/past informations into regular editor to see all that text.

I use that function to obtain programmatically the PropertyHandler ExceptionText.  But just the first 3008 caracters was obtain with function GetDisplayString and 1501 caracters with function GetValue.  How to get the full PropertyHandler "ExceptionText"? 

Do you have examples ? (In MVBA, By KeyIn, In C++, In MDL, ...)


Cordially Mario

Public Sub testExceptionText()
  Dim oEnum As ElementEnumerator
  Dim oProp As PropertyHandler

  Set oEnum = ActiveModelReference.GetSelectedElements
  Do While oEnum.MoveNext
      Set oProp = CreatePropertyHandler(oEnum.Current)

      On Error Resume Next
      oProp.SelectByAccessString ("ExceptionText")
      Debug.Print oProp.GetDisplayString
      On Error GoTo 0
End Sub