How to use CreateViewIndependentIconElement() DefineIcon () in GEO WEB PUSBLISHER ??

In the geo web publisher, set the position in map xy, and i want to mark that point. Like google maps does.

For that i think this functions may wanna work,

CreateViewIndependentIconElement()   DefineIcon ()

i need a clearly example of how to use this functions or something else which i can use to mark the map.

i use this functions like this but dont show nothing in my map.

var points = [374953, 6167641];
var pointsicons =[0,178, 249, 12];
var pointsVBArray = MapViewerControl.VBArrayFromJavaScriptArray(points);
var pointsVBArrayIcon = MapViewerControl.VBArrayFromJavaScriptArray (pointsicons);

parent.document.getElementById('Default_main_frame_0').contentWindow.document.getElementById('MapViewerControl').CreateViewIndependentIconElement(pointsVBArray, DefineIcon (400, 400, pointsVBArrayIcon));

obviously something are wrong.

Pls help,