[OpenCities Map Update 3: VBA] What happened to the "old style" Navigator?

I’m using VBA code like the following lines to open the Navigator and fill the dialog with feature instances and property values.

xft.PropMgr.InitializeOperationProperties "Navigator", ""
xft.PropMgr.SetProperty "Navigator/autoLocate", "true"
xft.OpenModelessDialog "Navigator", "navigator"
'Get the navigator box
Dim oDialog As xft.DlogBox
Set oDialog = xft.DialogMgr.GetCurrentDialog
oDialog.Title = “Find errors”
‘blablabla do something like finding wrong feature instances
xft.DialogMgr.LoadNavigatorWithValue "navigatorTree", oErrorFeature.Uuid, oErrorFeature.GetXmlForNavigator

This has been working in Bentley Map (XM, SS2/3/4) for years but in OpenCities Map it doesn’t seem to work any more.

Has this functionality disappeared?

Is there replacement functionality available in OpenCities Map?


  • Corno,

    I suspect the old style navigator has not yet been ported to OCM but will confirm that. Have you considered using the Data Browser to present lists of feature instances? In your VBA code, simply perform the locate operation on the feature instances you desire, add those instances to a selection set then send a “map query browse selection” keyin to load the selected feature instances into the Data Browser application.


    Jeff Bielefeld [Bentley]