[OpenCities Map Update 3: VBA] xft.DialogMgr.RegisterToGetDialogEvents and xft.DialogMgr.RegisterToGetDialogItemEvents doesn't seems to work

Hi All,

I cannot get the xft.DialogMgr.RegisterToGetDialogEvents and xft.DialogMgr.RegisterToGetDialogItemEvents methods to work in OpenCities Map update 3 (OCM).

In previous Bentley Map versions (e.g. v8i SS4) this was no problem, but in OCM nothing happens (not even an error is raised ).

Easy way to reproduce: see the default geo_example VBA: DialogExamples.SetMsdCallBack.

After this procedure is started there will be events fired when editing a Telco Cable feature.

In v8i SS4 I see that clsMsdCallback is being called after an edit (events are fired).

In OCM this is not the case, nothing seems to happen after running the DialogExamples.SetMsdCallBack function.

No events are fired, the only thing that I notice is that the Telco Cable's 'Edit' dialogbox is no longer closed after clicking the Ok button.

Anyone got a clue?



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