Which version of SDK and Visual Studio to use for OpenCities Map PowerView (update 6)?

Hi All!

I would like to develop MDL C++ Add-In-s (using the MircrostationAPI) for the OpenCities Map PowerView (update_6) - version

I've installed the application.

I've found the following SDK: OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition SDK x64 Update 6 (English)  --- https://softwaredownloads.bentley.com/en/ProductDetails/1941?buildid=20790

I tried to install but the installer fails with an error message. It says the OpenCities Map software is not installed. That's true. 

I've found an SDK for Microstation also: MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK x64 (English) ---  https://softwaredownloads.bentley.com/en/ProductDetails/1000?buildid=18564

But I'm not sure if this is the right version to use?

I'm also not sure which Visual Studio version to use.

This site sasy I should use VS2015: http://www.la-solutions.co.uk/content/CONNECT/MicroStationAPI/VizStudio.htm

What do you think?

Thanks in advance.