ViewCallback::SetUpdatePostFunction(func_viewUpdate) does not work

Hi All!

I'm working on an OpenCities Map MDL (C++) Application. I have an old code, which has been operating under Bentley V8i, and now I'm migrating it to Bentley CONNECT EDITION.

I would like to automatically update a View when it is opened by the user.

Under Bentley V8i there was this callback

mdlView_setFunction     (UPDATE_POST,  func_viewUpdate );

Now I switched that to this one


The problem is, that the new callback is never called.

Under Bentley V8i the callback is called when I open a View in the application and then I can update it.

Under OpenCities Map Connect Edition the callback is not called.

Could you help me what am I doing wrong?

I tried to handle the WINDOW_SHOWEVENT in my window event handler callback, but I got constant errors and struggling with it.


Miklos Bodi

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