[OpenCities Map Upd. 6 C#] Auto increment value not stored in DGN

I have a C# Addin originaly written for Bentley Map but not upgraded for OpenCities Map. The Addin imports surveying data and writes XFM features to the DGN file. These XFM features have an ID property which is auto incremented by 1, and the import works just fine - all features gets an unique ID value. But if I manualy places features after importing data, the ID property value starts with the same value as before the import, and increments the value from there. Is there any way to update "next value" in the DGN file from the import Addin, or to scan features for next value?

  • I have finally figured out how to make it work.

    In my original code i used this snippet, that worked in V8i:

    PktFea.SetProperty("Id", AutoId.ToString());

    In Connect this works (which makes sense):

    PktFea.InitializeProperty("Id", "placing");
    PktFea.SavePreferenceProperty("Id", "placing");