Is there a VBA available that can be used in Bentley Map that can read the feature properties that are attached to a element and convert them into a tag that is attached to that element. I read where the properties are similar to a tag.


  • Ruben,

    I'm not aware of any specific VBA that converts XFM business properties to equivalent MicroStation tags. However using the "XFM Feature Toolkit" (XFT) one can read the business properties of an XFM feature instance with the following:

    Then using the "Tag Sets, Tag Definitions, and Tag Elements Example" from the MicroStation VBA help file you could adapt read the XFM properties and write tags.

    I would also suggest that if you want to share XFM business properties with other Bentley products beyond Bentley Map, then you may want to consider using Bentley Map to publish an i-model which can then be read by most Bentley products.



    Jeff Bielefeld [Bentley]