Need help to create, or that someone with the skill can make an mdl/vbl application based on the description. Willing to compensate, within reasonable limit.



Just a surveyor trying to accomplish a task in Microstation (V8 series 3), that I have not found a function (or effective method) for. (Unless using Leica Cyclone for partial do this, but I can’t afford the license)


Task: Define gap/vertical distances between 2 (or more) defined uneven* areas/surfaces (i.e. mesh, surface, shape, smart surface/B-spline)

Extracted values (vertical gap) should be defined by a defined grid or by points (used to create one of the area/surfaces)

Output: Visual comparison (i.e. 3D, Color by defined limits, Scalable, etc.) with extracted values from gap (in grid, or by selected points) in table format (some report format).  And with export to Excel.

Question: Is this possible to achieve in Microstation?

Example sketch (but not limited to example) are in attachment.

if anyone can help, please contact me