• Pipes and Breaks 1.2 released to the MicroStation Community

    Pipes and Breaks ◄ Download

    Pipes and Breaks is a small collection of tools used to place break lines, pipe breaks and pipe section geometry in MicroStation and other Bentley products. The open-source application is written in VBA and has been made available to users of Bentley software.

  • PokeIt v8 Released – Features New Fit Selection Command

    In version 8, Fit Selection has been added to PokeIt.

    The installation instructions are provided in the included PDF file.

  • (A Better) Copy and Increment Text Released

    Copy and Increment Text is a VBA macro. It has the following advantages over the built-in MicroStation Copy and Increment Text command:

    • Increments alphabetic characters
    • Increments leading characters
    • Increments leading and trailing characters in a single operation
    • Increments numbers even when a prefix or suffix is present
    • Increments text in text nodes

    After loading the VBA project, the key-in to run it is vba run [CopyAndIncrementText…

  • Fit Reference Released

    Fit Reference is a VBA macro that does what it says: fits a reference in a view. This can be handy for attachments that come in referenced far away from your design.

    The key-in to run the macro is vba run [FitReference]ModMain.Main.

  • Align by Origin Released to the MicroStation Community

    Align by Origin ◄ Download

    Align by Origin is a small applet written for MicroStation that enables users to quickly align elements about their X and Y origins.communities.bentley.com/.../Align-by-Origin.mp4

    Points of Interest For New and Experienced MicroStation VBA Programmers...

    • The class clsSelect implements ILocateCommandEvents
    • Keywords, objects, methods, properties, etc.
      • ActiveModelReference.AnyElementsSelected…
  • reCall 1.1 released to the MicroStation Community

    reCall.1.1 ◄ Download

    reCall is a small applet written for MicroStation that enables users to quickly select commands from recent history.  When the user issues a double right-click (double reset) the applet presents a menu at the cursor containing the last (up to) five unique commands executed.

    reCall's cursor menu of
    recently issued commands

    Points of Interest For New and Experienced MicroStation VBA Programmers…

  • Registration is open for the 2023 MicroStation Virtual User Conference!

    The 2023 MicroStation Virtual User Conference will take place on September 19-20, 2023. There will be 4 sessions each day with Q&A after each session.

    This is a great opportunity to engage with MicroStation users and get excited for the latest release of MicroStation 2023 and everything it offers. The conference is primarily for MicroStation users, but all others are more than welcome to join and engage with our MicroStation…

  • Macro VBA Coffee Corner Materials

    Hi everyone,

    Here you can download and try the files that we created for Macro VBA Coffee Corner on the 20th of July 2023.

    In the zip folder you will find these files:

    - ReadMeVBACoffeeCorner.txt
    - _MyGridSys.bmr (macro)
    - _MyTurnOffLevels.bmr (macro)
    - _MyTurnOnLevels.bmr (macro)
    - _MyMoveGridS.bmr (macro)
    - _PlaceOneLine.mvba (VBA)
    - _VBACoffeeCorner.mvba (VBA)
    - VBA Column.cel
    - LevelMap.txt
    - LevelMapReturn.txt

    Place files…

  • MicroScope 2.0 Released to the MicroStation Community

     MicroScope 2.0 is a diagnostic tool used in conjunction with Mi croStation and other Bentley products. It is useful when creating custom tools, performing various “debugging” operations, and while creating scripts for the batch processor. It displays and records a range of user-specified events, offering real-time insights into MicroStation’s internal operation. MicroScope users may peruse detailed information…

  • QRcell 1.0 Released to the MicroStation Community

    QRcell◄ Download

    QRcell is an open source mVBA applet which runs in MicroStation. The applet enables users to encode text to a QR Code for placement as a cell in a MicroStation design file.


  • VBA Macro to Renumber Reference Slot Numbers and Change Logical Names of Attachments Released

    Important Note: This macro is only compatible with MicroStation version and later.

    ReferenceSlotRenumber is a VBA macro that exports reference attachment information to a CSV (comma separated values) file for easy editing. Using Excel, the user can utilize the data grid, Filters, Sorting, range completion, etcetera to quickly and easily edit reference slot numbers and logical names. The user can then import…

  • VBA Macro to Rotate Text to an Angle Defined by 2 Points Released

    This macro is used to rotate text and text nodes to an angle defined by 2 points. Drop it into a folder pointed to by the MS_VBASEARCHDIRECTORIES configuration variable and then use the following key-in to load and run it:

    VBA Run [RotateText]modRotateText.Main

    Define the desired rotation with 2 points. If there’s a selection set, the macro will process it. Otherwise, it’ll process the entire file.

  • PokeIt Version 7.2 Released - Fixed Bug with Invert Selection and Hide Commands not Processing Reference Elements Properly

    Fixed bug with Invert Selection and Hide commands not processing reference elements correctly. 

    This'll likely be my last work on PokeIt for quite awhile. It was good to visit an old friend.

    PokeIt turns 20 years old next March! How time does fly.

  • PokeIt Version 7.1 Released - Added Apparent Attributes Functionality to Select/Isolate/Hide > Similar

    That's what I get for rushing--forgot to add Apparent Attributes functionality to Select/Isolate/Hide > Similar in v7. That's now been implemented.

  • PokeIt Version 7 Released - Includes the Option to Process Elements Based On Their Apparent Attributes

    PokeIt is a VBA macro used to place, select or view elements by their attributes. Filters are set from elements rather than from a list.

    Version 7 introduces the ability to process elements based on their apparent attributes. An apparent attribute is how an element looks on screen. For instance, an element may appear red but actually be ByLevel. Previously, using this element to set the selection criteria would result in…

  • Import Points CE 3.1 Released to the MicroStation Community - Update 3.1.03 Available

         communities.bentley.com/.../Import-Points--CE-3.1.03.zip◄ Download

    Import Points CE 3.1 is an open source mVBA applet which runs in MicroStation CONNECT Edition. The applet
    enables users to import point data from text files– typically comma separated values (.csv), though other
    delimiters may be used. Upon execution of the applet’s Place command, the source (point) file’s location data
    and accompanying…

  • iTwin Developer Conference 2022

     iTwin Developer Conference 2022

    Building Digital Twin Solutions for the World’s Infrastructure

    September 20, 2022

    About Event

    Digital twin technology is transforming our ability to maximize the value of the built environment.

    The iTwin Developer Conference brings together the growing community of developers who are building digital twin applications for the design, construction and operation of the world’s infrastructure…

  • STATUS: MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17.0 SDK

    Quick status update on the MSCE U17.0 SDK.

    With the announcement of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17.0 commercial release being available, please know that the MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 17.0 SDK should be available in the next few days.

    Please check back here and/or the SDK Announcements for additional release updates.

    Thank you.
    MicroStation and PowerPlatform (MSPP) SDK Team



  • [MSCE C# C++]Read TypeAdapter applied ECPropertyValue

    This example demonstrates how to read TypeAdapter applied ECPropertyValue.
    SDK sample path :

    Helper helper = new Helper();
    LineElement lineElement = helper.CreateLineElement(0, 0, 0, 100);
    if (null == lineElement)
    string schemaName = "DgnElementSchema";
    DgnECManager manager = DgnECManager.Manager;
    var option = new FindInstancesScopeOption(DgnECHostType…

  • [MSCE U17] Table Style


    With table style, user can create a table with a set of predefined styles. This is a GA feature in Update 17, user can activate it by selecting “TableStyle” when installing Microstation.

    Introduction video


    How to enable this feature?

    How to use this feature:

    1. Steps to create a Table style and use it

    a) Draw a table and modified some properties of this…

  • [MSCE U17 C#] Create a custom group for "Condition Editor Property Picker" for DisplayRules


    With Update 10.16, we introduced groups for selecting items in the Reports->Included Items tab->ItemTypes property.

    With Update 10.17, we have extended it for the Condition Editor property picker. When you click on the "Pick property.." drop-down of the "Condition Editor" dialog, a pop-up appears with groups of Items like "Item Types", "Dgn Elements", "File" etc., & the item list belongs to the selected…

  • [MSCE U17] Advanced Settings: define how report should populate data in seed table.


    MicroStation U17 provides more control on populating data from report to MicroStation tables via seeds using “Advanced” setting (tech preview feature).

    How to enable this feature?

    After selecting a Seed and a Report, user can click the “Advanced” button to open Advanced setting dialog:

    This dialog includes 5 groups. The first group is showing the Table Seed Name, Report Category…

  • [MSCE] Creating Item type Expression with GetRelatedInstance symbol

    In this blog, I will show you how you can create an expression with GetRelatedInstance to fetch properties of Parent and child elements through ECRelationships. Before knowing about the GetRelatedInstance expression symbol, it is required to know the basics about EC Classes and their relationships. Also, you should know the internal structure of related elements to fetch instance data. Let us understand how to read relationships…

  • [MSCE U17 C#] New property pane for ItemType


    For enabling text placement from attach/edit item dialogs we are introducing a new property panel. Here I am going to explain how to use this new property panel with all datatypes as ItemType property supports:

    • Text
    • Number
    • Integer
    • True/False
    • Date/Time
    • Point
    • Struct Type

    Image: Item Type property definition types.

    • You can access the "Attach Item" dialog from the contextual menu that is displayed by…
  • iTwin Developers: Bringing your iTwin into Unreal

    Join us on Wednesday May 11, 2022


    Join us for the latest webinar in the iTwin Platform Developer Series: Bringing your iTwin into Unreal.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • How to export geometry and metadata from your iModel and import it into UE via its Datasmith toolkit for AEC
    • How the intelligence of your model can be leveraged to define custom import scripts that not only make it simple to create photorealistic…