• No model reference is active

    Ihave a dgn file open.  Running a vb.net program I get, for the first time, at this line a message

    v8.ActiveModelReference.AddElement(DirectCast(oLine, MicroStationDGN._Element))

    COMException was handled

    No model reference is active

    How do I get my ModelReference active?




  • CSearchTypes class simplifies Locate and Scan Initialisation

    We often need to work with a given set of MIcroStation element types when writing an application for locating and scanning elements.  For example, we may want to work with lines and line-strings, and therefore want our users to be able to...

    • Locate a line or line-string
    • Scan for lines and line-strings

    Because the MDL APIs for locate logica and scan logic are quite different, it's hard to remember to synchronise…

  • [V8i VB .Net] StartUndoGroup

    What should the Session object be set to in the following code...

    Imports Session = Bentley.Internal.MicroStation.Session Private Sub someGroup                 Dim mySession as Session                 mySession.SetCurrentCommandName(“My Command”)                 mySession.StartUndoGroup()                 Command…                 Command…                 Command…                 mySession.EndUndoGroup End Sub

     I am getting the typical "Object reference not set to an instance of an object…