• MS V8i SS3 and Visual Studio 2012


    How are mdl program with visual studio 2012 and  MS V8i SS3 to compile?

    I get an error that Visual Studio 2010 is not installed

     BMAKE: Error - Attempting to build with VS 2010 but location is undefined!
     BMAKE: call trace
          line:  183, C:\Progra~2\Bentley\MICROS~1\MicroStation\\mdl\\include\AssertToolSet.mki
          line:  109, C:\Progra~2\Bentley\MICROS~1\MicroStation\\mdl\\include\ConfigurePolicy.mki
          line:   28, C:\Progra…

    • Fri, Feb 22 2013
  • Changing the label of a button in MessageDialog


    this is a code snippet for MDL.

    If you wnat to change any content in the Default Message Box Dialog, this snippet would help.

    int showMessageDialog(char* title,char *okcaption,char *cancelcaption,char *text,int icon) {

    DialogBox *db=mdlDialog_create(NULL,NULL,RTYPE_DialogBox,(int)DIALOGID_MsgBoxOKCancel,FALSE) ;

    if(db) {



    mdlDialog_itemSetLabel (db,3,okcaption…

    • Thu, Feb 21 2013