• MicroStation VBA: OpenDesignFile vs. OpenDesignFileForProgram

    A VBA programmer can open a DGN file using two methods: OpenDesignFile and OpenDesignFileForProgram.  This blog attempts to clear up confusion between the two, and which one to use.

    Prefer OpenDesignFile

    Prefer OpenDesignFile to OpenDesignFileForProgram!  OpenDesignFile opens a DGN file in the same way that a user would open a DGN file. Everything you expect to be available is available: level libraries, text styles, reference…

  • Working with EC Properties using Native and Managed APIs

    This blog provides some code snips that demonstrate how to use DgnEC Native and Managed API’s for following:

    1. Perform operations on primitive type EC Properties i.e. set  and get. 
    2. Perform operations on array type EC Property i.e. set, get, insert and remove array element.
    3. Perform operations on struct type EC Property i.e. set and  get. 
    4. Perform operations on struct array type EC Property i.e. set, get, insert and remove…