• Item Instance Collector

    I wanted to try out C# and the MstnPlatformNet API to harvest Item Type instance data.  After obtaining help from Jan Šlegr and Paul Connelly on the Programming Forum, I wrote the ItemInstanceCollector Visual Studio project.

    The project creates the ItemInstanceCollector DLL.  It uses a programmatic approach to obtain an Item Type EcSchema object, and shows how to use that object to harvest Item Type instance data…

  • LINQPad

    LINQPad: The Ultimate C# / VB.NET Scratchpad

    LINQPad is one of those tools you should not be without.


    LINQPad lets you cut-and-paste a C# or VB.NET code fragment or program and execute it. It's useful for testing functionality in isolation from your application.

    If you're working with relational databases, such as Access or Oracle or hierarchical databases such as XML documents, then LINQPad provides even more…