• [MSCE U17 C#] Show Properties of DgnEC Instance in Property Pane.


    This blog provides some code snippets that demonstrate  "How to show Properties of DgnEC Instance in Property Pane"

    SDK Sample

    • MstnExamples\DgnEC\DgnECManagedPropertyPaneExample


    • Locate and load the schema from out location.
    • Create line element.
    • Attach widget instance.
    • Show properties of widget instance in property pane.

    1) Locating and loading the schema from out location.

    private static…

  • [MSCE U14 C++, C#] DgnEC Instance and Relationship Change Events


    With Microstation CE U14, we are introducing a way to listen to DgnEC instance and relationship change events at both Native DgnPlatform and Managed DgnPlatformNet layers w.r.t. the following interfaces: Bentley::DgnPlatform::IDgnECChangeListener & Bentley.DgnPlatformNet.DgnEC.IDgnECNetChangeListener

    SDK Sample

    In this blog, I am going to explain how can we use IDgnECChangeListener and IDgnECNetChangeLi…

  • Add new EC Symbol provider with custom symbol sets using Native API's

    An expression is a text string that defines the syntax to be evaluated by the expression evaluator. The expression input can comprise of numbers, strings, access strings, symbols, and operators. Once you attach an item type with an expression defined, the corresponding value of the expression will display in the element's Properties dialog. 

    This blog provides some code snips that demonstrate “How to add new EC…

  • [CONNECT C++] Database API Introduction


    In MicroStation CONNECT Edition, we can use Database APIs to write Database apps. Here is a simple guide for the basic programming.


    1. Create a new DGN file.

    2. Prepare a valid Oracle database(You can use other databases also).


    1. Write preparative variables and functions.
    2. Connect to an oracle database.
    3. Create MSCATALOG table.
    4. Create table "ELEMENTS" with “MSLINK” and “NAME”…