• [CONNECT VBA] Using NamedGroup elements to increase select performance

    With large drawing files we may experience VBA performance issues while selecting individually a large number of elements. Depending on the size and type this may take minutes until all elements are selected.
    I would like to point to NamedGroup elements to help to increase performance extremely.
    The idea is to add each individual element to one single NamedGroup and finally "select" this NamedGroup. 
    Tests are showing…

    • Thu, Nov 26 2020
  • STATUS: MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 SDK

    Quick status update on the MSCE U15 SDK.

    With the announcement of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 commercial release being available, please feel free to use the MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 SDK release while we busily wrap up a few remaining MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 SDK features and testing.  Please check back for further Announcements.

    Thank you
    • Tue, Nov 24 2020
  • [CONNECT C++] Finding TextTable Seeds in DGNLibs

    TextTable seeds are stored in your DGNLibs. If you want to find a TextTable seed programmatically, you must...

    1. Enumerate the available DGNLibs (each DGNLib is a DGN file)
    2. Enumerate the models in each DGNLib
    3. Test whether the model is a TextTable seed.

    The TextTable seed test is simple: the DGN model must contain exactly one element, and that element must be a TextTable.  Putting that altogether, I've written an article…

    • Sat, Nov 7 2020