• Add Unit Testing to the MicroStation SDK


    This article provides insights on how one would consider integrating a 3rd Party SDK to extend and use within the context of the MicroStation CONNECT SDK. This article will show the necessary steps to integrate the popular GoogleTest Framework and access some basic features.

    As your custom applications become larger and more complex with accelerated release schedules you will want to apply more software industry…

  • PickList API changes (MSCE U15)

    In update 15, we have made some changes to PickList APIs.

    Native side:

    1. struct PickList:

            Added APIs:

            /// Set the name of this PickList.
            /// User needs to ensure there isn't a PickList with the same name in the PickListLibrary.
            /// PickListLibrary's method GetPickListByName can check if a PickList exists.
            /// @param[in] name The new name.
            DGNPLATFORM_EXPORT void    SetName…