• InitApp CONNECT Edition

    A MicroStation InitApp is a non-interactive app that is started using the Windows command-line -waAppName switch, or is listed in the MS_INITAPPS configuration variable.

    The V8 SDK provides an InitApp example, but it didn't make it as far as CONNECT.  I've written InitApp CONNECT Edition for anyone interested.  It's a C++ app.

    The code is almost entirely new, making use of MicroStationAPI classes and other functionality…

    • Wed, Mar 31 2021
  • Import Points CE 2.0 Released to the MicroStation Community

    communities.bentley.com/.../2604.Import-Points.zip     Download

    Import Points CE 2.0 is an open source mVBA applet which runs in MicroStation CONNECT Edition. The applet enables users to import location data from text files of various formats. Imported points and accompanying fields are transferred to the dgn file with user-specified data mappings and graphics.  See documentation for installation and operation details.


    • Wed, Mar 10 2021