Import Points CE 3.1 Released to the MicroStation Community - Update 3.1.03 Available

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Import Points CE 3.1 is an open source mVBA applet which runs in MicroStation CONNECT Edition. The applet
enables users to import point data from text files– typically comma separated values (.csv), though other
delimiters may be used. Upon execution of the applet’s Place command, the source (point) file’s location data
and accompanying fields are transferred to the active model with user-specified data mappings and graphics.


Bugs fixed:

  • Issue with Use Shared Cells setting consistency between dialogs  (3.1.03)
  • Issue setting final property of item when placing via Point + Item (3.1.02)

New in 3.1

1) Bug(s) fixed:

  • Issue with repeating error message

As Always our thanks to the community for bringing bugs to our attention!

2) Minor changes to Point Templates.dgnlib

Point Templates.dgnlib serves as the default cell library for Import Points CE.

3) Enhancements to the Select Cell dialog

4) Double clicking the "Mapping Bar" removes all mappings


New in 3.0

1) Support for records containing up to 64 fields

(It's true, we actually do respond to user requests!)

2) Addition of the "Is Set" operator to Cell Specification Rules

(User request)

3) Ability to automatically create Item Types from the input data

4) Automatic field mapping
(Results of automatic mapping may be adjusted by the user)


Points of Interest For New and Experienced MicroStation VBA Programmers...

  1. This application makes use of MdlFileOpenDialog  (stdmdlbltin.dll). See the FileSystem module for details.
  2. The class ClsLabelEventSink is used to implement the drag and drop mapping functionality.
  3. The class ClsEventCellLibChanged implements IEnterIdleEvent
  4. Keywords, objects, methods, properties, etc.
  • Cell Related:
    • CellElement 
    • CellInformationEnumerator
    • CellInformation
    • CopyCurrentElement
    • GetCellInformationEnumerator
    • IsCellLibraryAttached
    • MoveToNextElement
    • ReplaceCurrentElement
    • ResetElementEnumeration
  • File Related:
    • Close
    • EOF
    • FreeFile
    • Line Input
    • Open
  • GCS Related:
    • ActiveGCS.MasterUnitsFromLatLong
    • GeographicCoordinateSystem
    • GeoPoint3D
  • Item Data:
    • .AttachItem 
    • .GetItemTypeByName
    • .FindByName
    • ItemTypeLibraries
    • ItemTypeLibrary
    • ItemType
    • ItemTypeProperty
    • ItemTypePropertyHandler
  • Misc.
    • Collection
    • ElementEnumerator
    • ElementScanCriteria
    • GetLastValidGraphicalElement
    • GetSetting, SaveSetting
    • InStr
    • Is3D
    • Is Nothing
    • LineElement
    • Option Base 1
    • Point3dZero
    • PropertyHandler
    • PtrSafe
    • Select Case
    • TextNodeElement
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