MicroScope 2.0 Released to the MicroStation Community

 MicroScope 2.0 is a diagnostic tool used in conjunction with Mi croStation and other Bentley products. It is useful when creating custom tools, performing various “debugging” operations, and while creating scripts for the batch processor. It displays and records a range of user-specified events, offering real-time insights into MicroStation’s internal operation. MicroScope users may peruse detailed information on elements, active settings, the .dgn file and the host application.

MicroScope 2.0 is an open-source applet written in VBA and is freely available to users of Bentley software.


Points of Interest
For New and Experienced MicroStation VBA Programmers...

  1. The Class Module ClsEvents implements several interfaces in order to respond various MicroStation events:
    • IAttachmentEvents
    • IChangeTrackEvents
    • ILevelChangeEvents
    • IModelActivateEvents
    • IModalDialogEvents
    • IModelChangeEvents
    • IPrintEvents
    • IRasterEvents
  2. The Class Module CLSWatchQueue intercepts and posts data from the CadInputQueue
  3. The Class Module ClsElementInfo implements ILocateCommandEvents and makes use of CreatePropertyHandler
  4. Keywords, objects, methods properties, etc.
    • Add_______EvententsHandler and Remove_______EventsHandler  (e.g. AddModalDialogEventsHandler )
    • CadInputMessage
    • GetDisplayString
    • Implements
    • MessageCenter
    • MsdElementType
    • OnProjectLoad
    • PropertyHandler
    • SelectByAccessString
    • CommandState.commandresult
MicroScope 2.0.01.zip
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