MicroStation CONNECT SDK Update 13

The much anticipated MicroStation CONNECT Update 13 (product) will be releasing very soon.  Literally, possibly: any moment now...

The MicroStation Platform/PowerPlatform Team has been very busy working hard to provide numerous quality and performance improvements and new features too.  If interested in some of the latest product changes consider taking a moment (now) to navigate to: MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 13 Help and see help topic: New and Changed in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 13.

Likewise, expect a number of updates and improvements to the MicroStation CONNECT SDK.  The MicroStation SDK typically releases only a few days to a week after the MicroStation product becomes available. If you would like to keep current (or monitor) the latest MicroStation CONNECT SDK changes and releases keep tuned for new SDK Announcements where you are provided an executive-level set of SDK-specific changes/impacts. Some of the changes for this update (and future releases) will start to support and provide some new and exciting development options going forward.

So, please stay tuned for our pending MicroStation CONNECT Update 13 SDK announcement in the coming week.

Thank you,
MicroStation SDK Team

[20190828-RH: Though a delayed posting, please take a moment to review the latest: MicroStation CONNECT Edition SDK Update 13 release announcement.]