[MSCE U17] Table Style


With table style, user can create a table with a set of predefined styles. This is a GA feature in Update 17, user can activate it by selecting “TableStyle” when installing Microstation.

Introduction video

How to enable this feature?

How to use this feature:

1. Steps to create a Table style and use it

a) Draw a table and modified some properties of this table. For example, we modified the fill to green.

b) Click the ribbon button “Save Style”, and type an unused name of new table style, like “green_fill” in below picture. Click “OK” button to save this new created table style.

c) Run place table tool, and we can see “green_fill” is in the dropdown list “Table Style”.

d) Select table style “green_fill”, and place a table, we can see the new table has green fill which is same with the table in step b).

e) In Properties dialog, user can reselect another table style to change the table’s display.

2. Properties that table style can hold now

Odd row fill color
Even row fill color
Fill color for all
Size lock
Body text style
Title row text style
Header row text style
Summary row text style
Footer row text style
First column text style
Last column text style
Text alignment
Text orientation
Text margins

3. Keyins for Table Style

table tablestyle save
    - This keyin is to save a new table style.
table tablestyle delete
    - This keyin is to delete a specified table style.
    - For example: table tablestyle delete TableStyleName
table tablestyle deleteall
    - This keyin is to delete all table styles in host dgn.
table tablestyle dumpall
    - This keyin is to dump the data of all table styles of host dgn into file “TextTableStyleStruct.xml” which is in temp folder.
table tablestyle listall
    - This keyin is to list all table styles of host dgn in Message Center.

4. Use Table Style from seed

User can create table styles in dgnlib files and add the files into configuration variable MS_DGNLIBLIST, then user can see and use the table style from seed by placing a table or modify table’s table style from Properties dialog. Pictures are below.

After user have selected the table style from dgnlib, the style was imported from dgnlib file into current host file. User can use the imported table style at any time even the dgnlib file is not included in configuration variable MS_DGNLIBLIST.