PokeIt for MicroStation — Select and View Elements Based on Attributes FROM Elements, Plus Much More

PokeIt is a MicroStation VBA application. It's used to select, isolate or hide elements based on their attributes, such as level, color, line style, etc. The filter criterion is populated from a selected, or "poked," element rather than from a list in a dialog box.

PokeIt is also used to create elements similar to a selected element.

There are also a couple of additional “bonus” commands, Invert Selection and Fence Subset.

The interface of PokeIt is the context menu, accessed with a right press and hold on an element..

Here's a link to a short video of PokeIt in action: https://youtu.be/zKQDIH7RzBs

This is version 6 of PokeIt, and it's compatible with MicroStation Connect Edition.

From a code standpoint, PokeIt features quite an elaborate implementation of scan criteria. It also makes use of command line arguments. Further, it shows how to determine if elements are within the boundary of a clipped attachment by making an MDL call. Lastly, the included DGNLIB file includes the implementation of named expressions to control the visibility of interface components.

Note: Installation instructions are in the included PDF file.

PokeIt v6.zip