PokeIt Version 7 Released - Includes the Option to Process Elements Based On Their Apparent Attributes

PokeIt is a VBA macro used to place, select or view elements by their attributes. Filters are set from elements rather than from a list.

Version 7 introduces the ability to process elements based on their apparent attributes. An apparent attribute is how an element looks on screen. For instance, an element may appear red but actually be ByLevel. Previously, using this element to set the selection criteria would result in all ByLevel color elements being processed, whether they looked red or not. Now, with the apparent attribute option active, only color red elements will be processed, whether they're ByLevel or not. Apparent attributes also honors Level Symbology Overrides.

I've also removed the password protection, corrected contact information, and updated the documentation.

See the included documentation for more information on PokeIt, as well as installation instructions.

PokeIt v8.zip