UPDATE: Bentley Programming Communities - enhancements

On behalf of the BDN and Platform development teams I would like to announce some current work-in-progress (WIP) being performed to the Bentley Programming Communities to provide more useful/needed information, resources, and updates moving forward. Here are a few highlights some of you might have recently noticed and if not, no worries - let's explore some of the recent changes implemented:

  1. Bentley Communities - Developers and Programming.  Consider this site to be the primary entry point for developers (today) to explore Bentley API and SDK resources available.  This page provides some (common) standard navigational links to help make getting to common resources quick and easy.

    1. Below the Communities Top Page menu bar is a navigation path so you will always know where you are.  In the example below: Developers and Programming site - is located under the Product Communities.
    2. Each site provides various feature area icons; like: Wiki (information), Forum (Search and Ask questions), Blog (helpful topics), Files (downloadable files)
    3. Communities can have nested sub-sites. Additional product line specific Programming Community icons provide easy access to programming resources for:
       - MicroStation, Civil, Geospatial, ProjectWise, and Bentley Developer Network (BDN)
    4. Below the Programming Community icons are a handful of helpful links to explore additional Bentley Community and Programming resources

  2. Bentley Community Ideas - we want to hear your Ideas on the Programming and BDN communities related to specific items you would like to see in future product line SDK releases, or within the Programming communities.  Simply create/submit an idea using the "Ideas" icon (anywhere available) providing a brief and descriptive summary of the idea/feature (or workflow) you would like to see.  Ideas can be voted up/down by your community peers and can help us determine need and priority if used properly.  You can conveniently review the current Idea Status (possibly in the comments) indicating if an item is being considered by the product team as an enhancement, or when complete and available in a software release.

  3. Bentley CONNECT Information and Resources (Users, Admins, Developers)

    1. Say Hello to MicroStation CONNECT
    2. MicroStation CONNECT Wiki
    3. Migrating to CONNECT (Getting started with more to come...)

  4. NEW: Civil Programming community. Start asking, watch (and help) it grow!

    1. Announcement:  New Civil Programming Forum for OpenRoads programming/SDK questions

  5. Keeping current

    1. BDN (Blogs, Videos)
    2. MicroStation SDK (Announcements, Blogs)

Please note we have a lot of enhancements and endeavors in the works beyond these items mentioned. Keep tuned for more information and changes using the "Keeping current" links and watch or attend the upcoming Year in Infrastructure(YII) event for much more insight, news, and exciting opportunities for 2019 and beyond. We look forward to improving your experience and your feedback on progress being made and future needs.

Thank you,