Update: MicroStation CONNECT SDK and VS2017

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 12 (and SDK) releases are fast approaching.  We would like to inform you in this release MicroStation and the SDK have set VS2017 as our default toolset used to build applications.  For those that have asked MicroStation CONNECT SDK U12 will be the first release to provide support for VS2017 and be set as the default toolset.  For everyone not already using VS2017, we recommend you install this latest update requirement (Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Professional) at your earliest convenience.  As with previous compiler changes we always first recommend updating Visual Studio and (only if necessary) know that e.g. BUILD_USING_VS2015 can be provided to the bmake build tool (via command line, make files, or OS system environment variable) to hint building with older toolset compilers.

Thank you,
MicroStation SDK Team