Macro - project Manager

Running Mstn V8XM on Windows Xp on a network licence.


When I try and run the project manager from "Utilities" - "Macro" - ....

It comes up with a dialogue box saying it's configuring Microsoft office Professional Plus 2007, which it appears to do as the dialogue disappears.

It then returns to Mstn and crashes asking to submit an erroir report before locking up completely.

You then have to close it down through the task manager dialogue.

We are running microsoft office 2007.

Any help much appreciated, even if it's a work around to be able to run the macros.




    • Office 2007 VBA is probably interfering with MicroStation VBA
    • You can run a VBA macro independently of the Project Manager

    To run a VBA macro from a MicroStation keyin, you need to know …

    1. The name of the procedure to run (e.g. Main)
    2. The name of the module that contains that procedure (e.g. Module1)
    3. The name of the VBA project that contains that module (e.g. dougie.mvba)

    The complete keyin …

    vba run [dougie]Module1.Main

    Note that there are configuration variables you may need to define so that MicroStation can find & [optionally] pre-load your project.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions