Finding tagsets

Hi everyone,

I would like the VBA code to find all the tag sets on a drawing, so if there is 4, i want to then iterate through them and list them. Not the tags inside a tag set. Just the tag sets.

Example, if the 4 levels are apple, orange, pear, pineapple, then i want to list them. I dont want to know that the tag set, for example, apple contains tags such as type, taste, all i want to know is that a drawing has a tagset of apple.

I have the code below thus far. The last line lists the number of tagsets, this is returning the correct number, however, i want to know what they are. Im assuming i have to use tagset object to iterate through the tagsets object but im unsure of how to go about this. I have looked at the examples in the visual basic reference help but had no success.

    Dim oTagSets As TagSets
    Dim oTagSet As TagSet
    Dim oDefs As TagDefinitions
    Dim oTagDef As TagDefinition
    Set oTagSets = ActiveDesignFile.TagSets
    Debug.Print oTagSets.Count



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