VBA over MDL

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I'm developing small applications in mdl. I came to know that we can use VBA as developing environment. Can u give me the small example. Please help me.

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  • Hi Mythili,

    your request "Give me the small example" is pretty fuzzy and I think it is complicated for anybody to answer such question. Also you don't tell us what is your experience with VBA and with MicroStation. Should we provide you "information for experts" or you are searching for something like tutorial "How to start with VBA and later to move to MicroStation"?

    There are plenty of information and examples available for you already:

    • Two VBA help files are delivered with MicroStation installation - one about general VBA, the second about MicroStation VBA API including examples.
    • Search all VBA forums at this portal, many interesting questions and issues are discussed here.
    • If you plan to really engage in MicroStation VBA, buy Learning MicroStation VBA book, it is very good textbook.

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  • VBA provides an excellent development environment. Here's how to find
    VBA Help
    VBA help

    VBA help is full of examples. You will also find code snippets posted on the VBA Forum from time to time. We publish some VBA examples on our web site.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions