"Drive" Microstation Dialog box with VBA



In excel (vba) when i build a dlalogbox with text field or checkbox, i name then such as Tbox1 (for txtbox) and Chkbox3 (for checbox)

so in VBA i can exploit thoses element (testing state, or modifing values) with commands  like TBox1.Value = "something".


Haven't actualy tested this with Microstation, but i'm sure, since it's also VBA, the same thing in possible.


So here's the question :

when i pop up a DialogBox (print, copy, scale, hatching) within checkbox, or text field to fill/check/uncheck

Is it a way, or a "help" giving me the 'internal' name of thoses ? or and explaining how to use it ?


an 'simplified' exemple with rotate :

rotation dialbox contain :

  • methode
    • 2 points
    • 3 points
    • angular value
  • check box "make copy"
    • checked
    • unchecked

what is the structure using VBA to control rotation ?

MyView.rotateElement (oelem, [choosed methode], [copy or no], [angular value, if], [center point], [start point if], [endpoint if])

or ? is there 3 commands  such as

rotateElementByAngle (param)



Don't forget, my question is general (rotate is only an example)

I won't ask u questions witch solution is given in help files... but how can i do otherwise, i haven't acces to help !



In my company, they are very timid, and afraid they do stupid things. So they lock everything they can,

I haven't VBA Microstation's help installed and a lot of other think don't work ...