[SOLVED] .scaleuniform and .scaleAll do not respect elements belonging to the same number graphic group (GG)

Hi all,


I'm trying to scale Textnodes with .scaleuniform or .scalall and the elements in the same GG should be scaled too, about the same origin!

Application.ActiveSettings.GraphicGroupLockEnabled = True


Set aTextnode = oElement.AsTextNodeElement
Origin3d = aTextnode.Origin

oElement.ScaleUniform Origin3d, nFaktor


oElement.Scaleall Origin3d, nFaktor, nFaktor, nFaktor

But both mehtods do not respect the givin Origin for all elements in the GG, instead the methods seems using  the origin  of each elemtent of the GG.

If I'm using the Ustn scale command interactive it gives me my desired result.

GG-Toogle is ON:  The Texnode and the LINIE are in the same GG (here 21)

before scaling :


after scaling: perfect !


after scaling with .scaleuniform .scalall it looks like:

Is this WAD for Scaluniform when GG-elements are involed ?

Sure...if the answer is yes, I have to I have to iterate through the GG for my self, or does anybody has a hint!



  • for me: .scaleAll and .scaleUniform are not scaling all members of numbered graphic groups



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