Level Renaming Macro

Hello everyone!

I have a small problem with using VBA in Mictostation V8i. 

I have been using Microstation for the last year and have only now started to really get into the complexities of it.  I have just dived into the world of Visual Basic in Microstation, having a reasonable backround with Lisp Routines and Macros in AutoCAD.  I am finding it extremly confusing!

On top of this then, to comply with the newest version of our CAD procedure, I need to put a Suffix and Prefix on each and every Level in every drawing we upload, along with replacing all instance of underscores _ with dashes - 

So a Level Named Concrete_25 will be changed to BCS-CV-Concrete-25-C-E

I have written 2 lisps and a Macro in AutoCAD to do this - but I have no idea how to do it in Microstation.

Can anyone help me write a routine to do this?

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