Migration to V8i? - How?

I have been creating MDL code for SE, V8 and V8 XM with few or no problems at all.

Now I am finding myself struggling to run all these programs in V8i, which stubbornly refuses to accept these, and additionally crashes in the process.

So now I am standing on the crossroad and deciding if it is worth to continue with this or to abandon my project?

I will appreciate if someone tells me why I have to recompile these files again, and how, because I won't use microsoft C/C++ in the process. I simply refuse to use microsoft C/C++ to build MDL applications.

I am finding very unfortunate that as programmer, I have to shift  my attention out of the pure conceptual and creative engineering side of code building.

Instead, I am spending half of my time trying to find the ways to run and setup a new compiler with every new version of Microstation. This is a real pain.

Thanks in advance, Marcos

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