Compilation errors

I'm trying to compile some pure mdl projects, and I have followed the directions I found in this forum ("MicroStation MDL Development Environment"). It did work for a few days, but then something happened. First I got problems creating directories, or rather checking if they existed - if the line in my mki file read

$(BOLIS_OBJ)/$(tstdir) : $(BOLIS_OBJ)/$(tstdir)

I would get a message that no program was associated with that. I commented out those lines, knowing all the directories already existed. I got rid of that particular problem but I got no further than to mcomp where I got messages about include files that could not be opened. I give one example below.

C:\BentleyV8i\MicroStation\mdl\include\mselems.h(15) : error: can't open #include file -iC:\BentleyV8i\MicroStation\mdl\include\shareids\math.h, Invalid argument errno = 22

I can't understand why I suddenly get this problem when it worked before - what setting could I have changed? I can't even remember making any changes... And why is it looking for math.h in the shareids directory? And why doesn't the check of existing directories work anymore?

 Does anybody know or have a good guess at what might have happened? I would be very grateful for any suggestions because right now I'm completely stuck!


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