GTAGE - Global Tag Edit Program

I'd like to present GTAGE, the Global Tag Edit Program.

This program allows the user to edit tags in cells (or shared cells) across models. Based on the filters you set, the program searches throughout the drawing for cells with tags in them and modifies the text.

The user can enter optional data to filter which tags they would like to edit. These include Models, Cell Name, Tag Definition & Old Tag Value.

Instructions for use:

  1. Download GTAGE dll v*.zip. Alternatively, download GTAGE (in the next post) which contains the main source files - if you'd like to compile it yourself.
  2. Extract GTAGE.dll file to somewhere Microstation can read MDL Apps. (I commonly use the mdlapps sub-folder in the Microstation folder)
  3. Load the dll file: This can be done with the key-in: mdl load GTAGE. Alternatively, add the line MS_DGNAPPS > GTAGE to your UCF file.
  4. Once loaded, use the Key-In GTAGE.

Let me know bugs or issues, and please comment if you use it.


An example of how I've used GTAGE on a border cell with tags: To make this cell I first constructed the border with lines and company logos etc, then created a Tag Set filled with common border tags, such as the Drawing_Title, the Date & the Revision. I've then attached those tags into the drawing without an association. Then I've selected them along with the rest of the border elements and made a cell. This I use in all my drawings and models, thus when the inevitable time comes to change the revision or make any other changes to the text in the borders, I can use the GTAGE tool to quickly do that.


Additional Note: This program is designed to be a small handy add-in to Microstation. I also have a program that does the same job across multiple drawings - if you'd like it, just post.


ps. I have posted this here because there is a bug with the forum preventing me from updating files in blogs, so I am just linking to this thread from a blog.