Database linkages

Hi i am trying to link graphical elements to the database using odbc connection.

Everything works fine in terms of text, but i need the level or colour of a specific element to go accross to the database and should change dynamically if i change a colour or level in the design.

Is this possible or not?

If so please explain

I am running microstation select series 2 on my pc

  • Wouldn't this be a lot easier with tags, tagged cells , and tag reports and  excel or even one of  LA solutions products like flexitable  or similar .. some of their freeware may even be able to be adapted...

    The tag cell can be one for every colour and you could have different  fields for things you want to populate at the user level that can be sent to tag reports.. this can work even for output to report even if all the files a refernced into  single empty file and the report run on the tags there are loads of attributes etc that can be sent to the report...

    there is an excellent tutorial on just this use of tags at eat your cad web site.


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  • Lorys said:
    Wouldn't this be a lot easier with tags ... ?

    There are good reasons for using a relational database (DB) to store information.  Not least, relational data are easy to query using a formally-defined language (SQL).  There is a wealth of reporting tools that can extract and filter data from a DB and present it in a number of ways.

    Contrast that with MicroStation tags' complete absense of query tools.  For example, suppose you have a set of door cells tagged with data about size: there's no way to ask MicroStation to tell you, say, how many doors you have in a DGN model that are 1.8m high.  The MicroStation tag reporting tools are poor: all you can do is export a flat file from one tag set as CSV or XML.  There's no way to produce even a summary table of tag data in MicroStation (but you are right, FlexiTable™ does provide a solution for that).

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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