VBA Command to Close a Dialog Box?

 Does anyone know of any VBA code that will close a dialog box?

We place a lot of cells using a command manager, along with placing the cell it also places annotation with the cell. When originally developed the annotation in some cases is rather lengthy. Modifying the existing vba code and xml that drives the annotation is not an option at this point. It would require changes to the vba, xml, and schema, as I said, not an option for now.

This is what I am trying to do. I have started my vba script by creating a macro. The basic function is, Edit / Find/Replace / Enter Find Text / Enter Replace Text / Replace All / Ok. Then the sequence is repeated for the next text to be replaced.

The OK button on the Search Completed dialog box showing how many instances were found is what I want to close with some type of vba code. I am hoping to write some type of sub routine to close the dialog box and just have a command line at the end of each search and replace sequence that calls on this sub routine to run. If there is any such code I am thinking I may have to place it after each search and replace sequence but that is ok too. Would just prefer to do it with a sub routine though.

The code I have so far looks like this

Sub findreplacetext()
    Dim startPoint As Point3d
    Dim point As Point3d, point2 As Point3d
    Dim lngTemp As Long

'   Start a command

'   Send a keyin that can be a command string
    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "FIND DIALOG REGEX True"

    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "FIND DIALOG PAN True"

    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "FIND DIALOG ZOOM True"

    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "FIND DIALOG ZOOMLEVEL 16"

    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "FIND DIALOG SEARCHSTRING Proposed Remove Pole"


    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "CHANGE TEXT ALLFILTERED"

    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "FIND DIALOG SEARCHSTRING Proposed Install Pole"


    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "CHANGE TEXT ALLFILTERED"

End Sub