Items <> Item Sets Quirks

Blurb from Mstn SS3 help file:

"Propert Enabler Searching:

Property Enablers are applications that make otherwise proprietary data visible as business items

  • Engineering Content — If there is a property enabler exposing items that you want to see, choose this option.
  • All — If you choose this option, you will also see items exposed by system property enablers that expose DGN element properties that are typically not very useful from a business perspective.
  • None — (The default) For better performance, choose this option if there are no property enablers exposing items that you need."


System properties can be very useful......

1. Can't the DGN element properties be accessed via the Search for Items tool in the Item Sets dialog?

2. The DGN element properties can be searched via the Items dialog, and the results saved as an .xml. But the xml can't be read by the Item Search tool.

"The schema 'BaseElementSchema.01.00' cannot be located."





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