Work around for renaming tags

Hello all,

We have a piece of code that updates tag values to match approval dates input by the user.  Given that several designers could be working on the drawing at a time, we are looking to update only those tagged elements added by a specific user.  Example: designer A adds three cells containing the "approvalDate" tag, and designer B adds two cells containing the 'approvalDate' tag.  When designer B runs the piece of code, only the two cells he/she added should have the "approvalDate" tag values updated and those added by designer A should be ignored.  It's also possible for the designer to be working multiple projects using the same drawing so we now need to seperate the update by user name and project number.

My original thought was to rename the tag name by appending the username and project number as the cell is being placed, but have since learned the tag definition name is a read only property!!!  Any thoughts on how I can isolate the added features by username and project number?

Any pointers in the right direction will be greatly appreciated!

Adam O.

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