Application Screen Empty on OpenDesignFile

Hi there,

I'm a little new to MicroStation, but have had success accessing the VBA API through C# in the past.

What's different this time is, I'm trying to create and open a new design file, merge in various contents, and present it to the user.  When I try the following code,

BCOM.DesignFile dgn = ustn.CreateDesignFile(seed_file_name, newDGNFileName, true);

...the file is created, and MicroStation is opened, but without any Views, Toolbars, Menus, MDL Applications or any other GUI or other features.  I get the same result when I set the Open flag to false then use OpenDesignFile to open the file instead.  When I open the same file from Windows Explorer, however, it opens complete with all GUI features.

I expect this is to give a programmer greater control over the features needed to accomplish automated tasks, but have been unsuccessful finding anything in the VBA or MicroStation Help, or online, to get me where I want to go.  I suspect I just don't know the uStn terminology to search for.

If anyone can help get me over this hump, I will be very grateful.