Capturing Design History Version Numbers with VBA.

I have been trying to capture the Design History iteration number by using the sample code shown below.

I can capture the raw History number but the last digit being chopped off. I am using a main.minor number format. Minor number can go into double digits.

I tried various types of objects including string, double and Object to capture the who iteration number but none worked.

The only solution I found was to send the Design History iteration number to Message Centre and then retrieve the full number from there.

Here's my code:

Attribute VB_Name = "Module1"
Sub PrintDesignFileStrings()
Dim dblDouble As Double
On Error GoTo HandleError

Dim oPH As PropertyHandler

Set oPH = CreatePropertyHandler(ActiveDesignFile)

Dim accessString As String

CadInputQueue.SendCommand "HISTORY COMMIT"

accessString = "DesignRevisions[0].Number"

MsgBox oPH.SelectByAccessString(accessString)
MsgBox oPH.GetDisplayString

If oPH.GetValue > 0 Then
ShowDisplayString oPH, "DesignRevisions[0].Number"

Dim strMessageTxt As String
Dim tMsg As MessageCenterMessage

tMsg = Application.MessageCenter.GetMessage(0)
strMessageTxt = tMsg.Message
MsgBox strMessageTxt
End If
Debug.Print Err.Description
End Sub

Private Sub ShowDisplayString(oPH As PropertyHandler, accessString As String)
On Error GoTo HandleError

If Not oPH.SelectByAccessString(accessString) Then
Debug.Print "NOT FOUND!!"
Debug.Print oPH.GetDisplayString
End If

Exit Sub
Debug.Print Err.Description
End Sub