Levels in Level Manager


Even though there is a level which is created by keyin in vba code, cannot be reached by Activedesignfile.Levels

    lvlName = "building"
    For Each lvl In ActiveDesignFile.Levels
        If lvl.name = lvlName Then GoTo 10
    Next lvl
    CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "Level Create " & lvlName

    'Set lvl = ActiveDesignFile.Levels(lvlName)
    Set lvl = ActiveDesignFile.Levels.Find(lvlName)
    lvl.UsingOverrideColor = True

On debug mode, I press Ctrl+E and see there is building level created, but I cannot get it by loop with Activedesignfile.levels

I dont use model file other than default model.

Even Activedesignfile.Levels.count gives less than actual level count in that case.

If I close microstation and run my vba again, everything is ok.

The Problem is I dont understand why sometimes Activedesignfile.levels doesnt give me all levels in Level Manager.

Has anybody got same problem ?


Olcay Ebcin



  • Mixing declarative code with queued commands sometimes leads to inconsistent results. Since you are working with ActiveDesignFile.Levels, why not simply add a level to that collection …

     Dim levelName As String
    levelName = "level name"
    Dim oLevel As Level
    Set oLevel = ActiveDesignFile.Levels.Find (levelName)
    If oLevel Is Nothing
       Set oLevel = ActiveDesignFile.AddNewLevel (levelName)

    Note: in some versions of MicroStation VBA, if Levels.Find fails then it raises an error rather than returning Nothing.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions