How to Get Global Origin of the DGN?

Dear all,

                 I am using Microstation v8 2004 Edition i trying to get the global origin of the DGN i am using using the ActiveModelReference.GlobalOrigin function and i get the x,y and z value but the value is mismatched  with the GO=$ command values.


        ActiveModelReference.GlobalOrigin Values:

                               x=110648850, y=-141411270800, z=0

GO=$ command values:

x=90325.2999, y=-5570551.4861, z=85899.3459


Here i attached my empty dgn please find it.

Thanks & Regards,

Karthik M


  • IMHO you get UOR instead of working units with ActiveModelReference.GlobalOrigin.
    if you search the MVBA help for UOR you will get help, other properties and methods to get a solution.



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