VBA app and Select Series 4

I submitted a Help Request and I see the answer.
This is the answer I got.

Created :   08-Sep-17 1:12 PM 

Comments :   Hello Christopher Iverson, This email refers to Service Request 7000677517, submitted on behalf of Federal Aviation Administration. Description: Abort Retry or Ignore error running vba Product: MicroStation Product Area: Programming From your problem description this issue is most likely caused by a known defect in this SS4 release This defect 407990 is already addressed and resolved with a subsequent build of MicroStation. I would like to ask you to confirm this fix also resolves the issue you are describing. Please follow this link: https://bentley.sharefile.com/d-sa81919074c548c7b to download the most recent MS V8i SS4 build Could you please confirm if this build resolves your issue? Best Regards, Artur Goldsweer

Should I be downloading the newest version on MicroStation SS4 from here?
I thought I would download from Bentley.com.

This is the request I sent in.

Product Sub-Area :   VBA 
Version : 

Product Language :   English 
Description : 
 Abort Retry or Ignore error running vba 
Details : 
 Service Request created from the web by Christopher Iverson

I have a vba app that works ok in SS2 and SS3.
SS4 was just installed here and it will process 9 or 10 files then I get an Abort Retry or Ignore button error.
I am converting a bunch of Design Files told using the Print.
The other vba apps I have work ok on the displayed Design File.
Are there know issues with SS4 and vba?