Associate / Link Elements in VBA ...

I have created some VBA routines that create wooden beams (brown), steel beams (white) and a third kind of element (blue).

The third ones are copies of steel beams with some additional "production tolerances" - see profile below (the inner profile is the steel beam)

The outer profile is subtracted from the wooden beams (using the Microstation VBA-method "SmartSolid.SolidSubtract").

See below:

The next screenshot shows all three bodies:

The last one shows the result:

Everything is working fine so far.

My question is - is there any chance to associate or link the blue body with the white (steel beam)?

The reason for that question is that I do not want to show the blue body - If the steel beam is deleted then the blue body would remain and nobody would find it ...

My goal would be to remove the blue body when the steel beam is deleted.

Can this be achieved?

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