Is it possible to define ECProperty as enum type?


is it possible (and if yes, is there an example available) to define ECProperty as enum type, so the only predefined values will be possible to choose from MicroStation GUI when the property is edited? I guess a relationship to some class with array of values can be the solution, but was not able to create such schema so far.

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  • This relates to what I have been asking in this thread.

    It is possible (and quite easy) to create PickLists for ItemTypes but the lists are strings only. I you attach such a PickList to an Int or a Double property you will get that "ECStandardValues TypeConverter cannot convert from System.String" message.

    Bentleys answer was to use  the PickListHandler class (which I have not succeded to do). I think that this kind of basic data type conversion should be done automatically. If not, the PicklLists should have a data type so they can only be attached to a matching property. Otherwise you will have a dgn file that needs some application to work since the pick lists are stored in the file but not the handler.


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