[V8i MDL] How to Call ProjectWise API from native code MDL?

Hi experts,

I'm trying to call ProjectWise API from MDL like this

#include <MicroStationAPI.h>
#include "AADMSDEF.H"
#include "AADMSAPI.H"
#include "AAWINDMS.H"
#include "AAWDDEF.H"
#include "AAAPIVER.H"
#include "AAATYPES.H"
#include "AAWINAPI.H"
#include "..\TestPW.h"

extern "C" DLLEXPORT int MdlMain (int argc, char *argv[])
   if (aaApi_Initialize(AAMODULE_EXPLORER))
	   if (aaApi_Login(AAAPIDB_ODBC,L"IDCPWIS01.corp.abcglobal.com:PW_OP_DATASOURCE",L"abcglobal\\pwbatch", L"password",NULL)}
           mdlDialog_dmsgsPrint ("log in Successfully!");;
   return 0;

but VS2008 can't compile it, saying something like "Cannot open include file: 'AADMSDEF.H': No such file or directory", even though I've already added ProjectWise SDK include path. If I use similar VBA code, no problem at all.

I searched the forum, seem no examples about calling PW API from MDL, neither in PW SDK samples.

Thanks in advance. 

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